Casual Friday

24 02 2012

While these pictures weren’t taken on Friday, it IS Friday, so this sort of makes sense. Plus it’s raining, so it’s definitely a casual day around here.

Ben is running around in a cute Gymboree hoodie, Old Navy fleece sweatpants and Trumpette Johnny socks. Notice the greeting Dan gets when he gets home. No matter how fussy Ben is, the minute Dan walks in the door hilarity ensues until bedtime. Ben hiding in the tent, waiting for Dan to “attack” him, running into Dan’s arms, crawling all over Dan. Noticing a theme? Daddy = FUN

Running laps / Treats / Greeting Daddy

Ben is obsessed with the dog bowl. He no longer eats dog food (or really just puts it into his mouth) as much as he used to. That’s not to say I don’t find a piece of kibble in his mouth on occasion. But he will just stand and point to the food bowl or water bowl, it’s really cute. And, like in the picture, sometimes stop to play with it. Another reason to buy high-quality dog food when you have a toddler in the house.

In other news: Dan and I are officially going to the HUNGER GAMES ADVANCED SCREENING on March 21! I am so excited, it’s hard to put it into words. Finally a reason to wear my Mockingjay pin in public!!! Go read the books ASAP if you haven’t.

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