Zoo Jersey

1 03 2012

Maybe I should create a new brand, Zoo Jersey? How has this not been done before? Genius.

Anyways, Ben and I ventured out to the Turtleback Zoo on Monday thanks to a random 57 degree day in February! Of course, I didn’t really think it through as I left the house at 10am and it was still 45 degrees. But it was still a really nice day. Ben and I were one of about 3 families at the zoo. Ben chased peacocks, played in the sand, and checked out the animals leisurely in his stroller.

Mom & Ben / Just a boy and his sea lion statue / Mesmerized by fish / Chasing tail

I also caught 2 meerkats in a compromising position and wished I had someone there to giggle like schoolchildren with. It reminded me of an old State skit (watch with caution). I follow all those guys on twitter and they are still hilarious. Another show that should not have been cancelled (the first, of course, being Arrested Development!) Ok, that took a random turn.Ben was wearing a new Gap t-shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans and jacket, and Stride Rite shoes.

Rainy day = glittery Ben. Smirky face. Gap T-shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans, Trumpette socks

Yesterday it rained all day but I was lucky enough to have my sister come over for a few hours and hang with me and Ben. Then I actually made a dinner! A healthy one! We had Spicy Kale and Chickpea stew over rice pilaf…using that lovely slow cooker once again! I am trying to incorporate a few more vegan meals into our weekly routine.

AND I also made mashed potatoes in the hopes Ben will actually eat something. This hunger strike of his is getting old. Poor guy’s head is getting bigger and his body is getting smaller (and taller)! He is looking like Angelina Jolie.

Close-up of the cutest head in the world

Fun at Grandma’s

21 02 2012

I spent the past four nights, starting on Thursday, at my parents’ house. Besides scanning a ridiculous amount of old photos, we also did some thrifting, some lunching, and some shopping. Grandma got Ben a few new adorable shirts at the Gap, along with a super cool new rash guard which is making me excited for summer.

Here is Ben modeling one of his new shirts. I love the neon thermal.


Gap thermal, Gap jeans, Trumpette Too socks

Here’s a few pictures from our Sunday. Dan got back from his “business” trip to San Francisco, which was really nice (especially since my Dad left for Washington the same day). We made baked ziti, drank wine and watched Amazing Race. SO excited for this season!


Watching deer with Uncle Rufus / Daddy's home! / Loungin / Kitchen utensil fun

How cute is Ben watching the deer in the backyard with Rufus? The dogs literally go nuts when there are deer at the bird feeder (which is every day) and Ben runs over with them and checks out the scene. Cuteness.

Monday was a very exciting day because we made AUNTIE ANNE’S pretzels. Yes, that actually happened. Mom bought a kit at BJ’s and the whole thing was glorious. Definitely going to pick up a few hundred of those kits.

Hope everyone is enjoying the short work week!


10 02 2012

We are heading to LBI tonight and can’t wait for a relaxing pre-V-Day weekend (filled with rain and snow!) Here’s a few cute shots of Ben tonight after dinner. In his usual Gap onesie and bad haircut.


Little rascal

The real point of this post is to show Ben’s new scrunch face. It’s hilarious. He fake-laughs while doing it. It almost seems like he’s mocking us. Such a rascal, this guy is. The really scary part is, this is the same face I used to make. See uncanny resemblance below.


Ben's new scrunch face

No Instagram needed on this picture. It’s OLD. Hey, look, I had a bad haircut too!

My old scrunch face

Let the weekend begin!

Taco Tuesday

7 02 2012

This post has nothing to do with Taco Tuesday, except for the fact that I had tacos for lunch and it’s Tuesday.

Today was music class…and for the first time in 3 weeks it wasn’t cancelled. Hooray! Ben wore a Gap button down, Children’s place T-shirt, Gap jeans, Elegant Baby socks, and TOMS. It was a gorgeous spring day (in February) and we loved every second of it!


Completely unrelated, this is what mealtimes look like lately. I love his 5 o’clock pasta sauce shadow.


Thinkbaby feeding set

I went a little scissor-crazy today and cut Ben’s hair way too short. He is a spitting image of Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber. I’M SORRY BENJAMIN! I hope baby hair grows fast.

It's okay! I'm a limo driver!

Who needs toys?

2 02 2012

Yesterday I got such a nice surprise in the mail. As I was walking through the lobby of the building, the front desk guy, James, informed me I have a package. Immediately I am thinking “Crap, what did I buy now? Dan is going to kill me.” He then proceeds to hand me this huge box which was a SLOW COOKER from my Aunt Linda! Since then (ya know, yesterday) I have been googling “slow cooker recipes” and getting very excited about all the new uses for this super appliance. Anyway, I digress. The real idea behind this post is how funny Ben is with things that are NOT toys at all. He goes into the box and grabs the cardboard and styrofoam and finds this more fascinating than any of the hundreds of toys he already has.

Gap jeans, Gap skull shirt, Trumpette Johnny socks

Today Ben wore a simple Gap skull thermal, Gap jeans and his Trumpette Johnny socks. (Love Trumpette socks…an absolute Mommy must-have!!)

Ben's motto - reduce, recycle, reuse / wearing styrofoam as a necklace.

Ben took recycling even one step further, when I look over from my desk and he is using his styrofoam “necklace” as a SEAT! I almost fell over laughing, and was luckily able to grab a camera. It’s that time in Ben’s day when he bans the wearing of pants. Ben’s version of happy hour.

"Mom, what's wrong with this seat?"

Seriously, how funny is this kid?

Being perfect and cute, as usual.

As I type this, he is back in his new seat. I love it. I guess I can’t throw out the styrofoam, can I? And, on another note, how much does Ben look like my sister in this photo? Well, he does. I think so, at least. Next up, scanning the family baby pictures!!

“Superman with a load in his pants”

28 01 2012

A great woman once said “There goes Superman with a load in his pants”. That great woman was my grandmother, and that cute (probably), stinky Superman was my father. It always makes me laugh.  Anything involving my father as a child makes me laugh. Well, now I totally get it. Because today, I had my own little happy Superman with a load in his pants.

This morning I went to spin class (yay, me!) and came home to a happy baby greeting me in the hallway, dressed by Dad. He picked a pretty cute outfit, I must say. And tonight the cape completed the look, for sure!

Cute cheeks, Gap button-down & jeans, First Impressions white T, Trumpette Too socks

Ben happened to be playing with three photo-worthy toys at the same time: Melissa & Doug, Gween Toys, and Kid O. All are either wooden or eco-friendly toys, which is why they are my favorite! They look pretty, too.

Left to right: Melissa & Doug penguin / Gween Toys windmill / Kid O pick-up truck

Here are pictures of Ben running around with his “B” cape Lainie, Jon & Sam got him for Christmas. Such an incredible gift! What kid doesn’t want to run around pretending to be a superhero??

This photo filter was called "Kryptonite", this picture was made for it. Laser Lucy eyes in the background.

Serious Super B-Man in his tent

Ben’s newest trick today is clucking like a chicken. I love when he comes up with something new out of nowhere. I can’t wait until he starts really talking (less clucking, more words). He’s such a character I honestly can’t even imagine what he will say!

Hope everyone else had a nice little Saturday!

Cool Shades

25 01 2012

Ben and I had a nice low-key day but we were out of the house quite a bit. I the morning I tried out a new thrift shop in Maplewood which was fun. They have a kid’s consignment shop next door, Milk Money, but they are closed for re-stocking until March. Boooo. Then we did the usual Target/ Whole Foods run that we love so much. I got a wonderful surprise when my sister came to my door around 2pm and chilled with me all afternoon until Ben woke up. I love days like that!

For this outing, Ben sported a new shirt from Crazy Eight. I just love their cute little shirts, I got them all for around $2 a few months ago. Score! It’s time to get some plain onesies for underneath his outfits…this one was waaaay too small – couldn’t even do the snaps. It looks like it was made for T-rex arms!!


Crazy Eight shirt, Target onesie, Gap jeans + socks, TOMS


Why are my sleeves so short, Mom?

Since it was in the 40’s today, Ben and I even ventured to the park after his nap and he ran around for awhile. I love to tire him out. Now Dan is home and it’s almost time for Ben to go to bed so we can catch up on our TV shows. Goodnight!

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