De Moi

Married my best friend in September 2005. Stay-at-home Mom to Benjamin Rex. Fur-mom to rescue pups Dante & Lucy. I love my family, friends, food, photography, pilates and wine.

Me (rocking a side pony). When I wash my hair, get out of my pajamas, and put on Spanx. (Atlantic City, August 2011)

Ben was born in August 2010 and ever since then I have made it my mission in life to keep Ben fashionable and looking adorable on a budget. And, of course, try to be a good mom. Ben is the best little guy and wears all his clothes very well…which makes him the perfect subject for a fashion blog. He is tall and thin and will most definitely be a model in the future.

Here’s my cute little family, minus our 2 awesome pups:

Us. 2011.

Brief life history:

Me, sometime in the very early 80's. And possibly where Ben gets his good looks from.

Went to Rutgers. Met a boy named Dan. Graduated. Got a job in NYC. Dan proposed, yay! Had a wedding (beautiful). Honeymoon in Greece (even more beautiful). Moved to San Diego. Had baby. Moved back home to NJ.

Our wedding. September 2005. So young.

February 2007. "Hey, it's cold in NJ. Let's move to San Diego." "OK." (Still arguing over who said what)

July 2009, Arizona road trip. Our 2 rescue dogs, Lucy & Dante.

September 2009: Two of my favorite people got married. Best sister & bro a girl could have.

Beverly Hills, May 2010. Pregnant with the little man. Road trip fun from San Diego.

August 2010. Our first photo after the most horrifying 10 minutes of my life. Thank God for percocet.

Ben, January 2012. Blogging with carrots on face.


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