Learning is Fun!

7 03 2012

This weekend we went to the Liberty Science Center. What a blast from the past! I have not been there since on a field trip myself many many moons ago. I can thank Bank of America’s Museums on Us program which allowed us to go there for FREE! I love free things. I guess technically we had to pay for parking, but we still saved a whopping $15.75 per person. Learning is expensive these days!

We could not believe how much fun Ben was having. Running from exhibit to exhibit for TWO hours, straight through nap time. We will be attempting to go once a month on these “free” days.

Most importantly, Ben is wearing an adorable H&M hoodie, Gap jeans, and TOMS.

Blocks / Playing Doctor / Resting / Tide Pool fun

Sunday just kept getting better. After getting home from the museum (Ben napped a total of 30 minutes in the car), we walked to the park in Maplewood and met up with Laura & Jeff which was fun. Ben ran around for another hour (you would think this kid would have been tired at night, right? Not even close). We get home, order a pizza and relax. See Ben eat pizza. He’s so smart. Of course you take all the cheese off the top and shove it in your mouth! Duh!

Take a bite / Shove top layer of cheese into mouth

You think our evening ended here? No way! It only got better! Dan gave Ben a bath. Ben’s happy time. He comes running out of the bathroom to greet me (naked) as he does every other night and then takes a squat on the floor. Then makes a HUGE #2. We both didn’t know what to do. So I try to pick him up, which results in him stepping in it! While we are then cleaning him off in the sink, Lucy (our crazy jack russell) goes and EATS the mess. Then she slinks off guiltily (and probably not feeling so good) into her cage for the remainder of the evening. And that, finally, was the end to our Sunday.

Been having a great rest of the week. Got Ben to eat a few more things, I’ll post them separately or maybe on the food blog. Got a few cool thrifted items since the last post, bought Ben a tiny table and chair set, grabbed a deal of a dump truck for Ben on craigslist, read a few awesome books at warp speed, got to see my sister and Mom a few times, starting to plan our family trip to Europe….LOTS going on in the Moser household right now.

Coloring with Aunt Laura (table & chair set from Ikea)

But the most exciting thing…it is going to be 72 degrees tomorrow! I’m heading back to the Turtleback Zoo with a friend and her daughter tomorrow. Very excited! SPRING IS HERE! Or at least, it’s coming.


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