{Steppin’ Out} Saturday Fun – Family + Birthdays

5 02 2012

Look at us, linking up to Steppin’ Out Saturdays. The most exciting thing about this was I even got showered and dressed up this Saturday. We had a family party, and it was great fun. Ben was an angel. And just hilarious, per usual. The amount of times he says “WHOA” never gets old. It’s like the first time, every time.

Here is a glimpse at the getting ready process. 2 words: Dinosaur Train.


All ready!! Let’s do this.



On Ben: Tommy Hilfiger button down / Children's Place guitar t-shirt / Gap jeans / Trumpette Johnny socks / Toms // On me: Forever 21 blouse and tank / Gap jeans / GoMax shoes from Lulus.com

Dad steps out, too.


Dad wears a Gap button down

And the rest of the evening consisted of Ben waking up at 2am and screaming uncontrollably until we decided to bring him into our bed in the hopes of getting some sleep. That resulted in Ben playing/cuddling for an hour until Dan brought him back to his crib and successfully got him to sleep. Yay Dad!

Now it’s time for Superbowl Funday!

The Age of Aquarium

24 01 2012

For some reason I cannot stop singing “The Age of Aquarius” a la 40 Year Old Virgin as I type this. Anyway, we went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on Sunday. What a fun little adventure! Ben wore our favorite outfit…his panda shirt, jeans & TOMS. Typical. I think it’s officially time to go shopping (or else this blog will be pretty pointless soon)…the problem is Ben has a lot of nice clothes…and he hasn’t grown out of them! It seems crazy to go shopping when he’ll probably have a growth spurt in a month. Also, I tried to put him in his adorable Tommy Hilfiger jeans on the trip – he looked ridiculous and they came up to his nipples. They will eventually fit…and he will look amazing.


Belugas + Dolphins, oh my / Row, row, row your boat / Tide pool fun / Camping

Fun day at the Aquarium. Ben’s favorite part was the tide pool where he could splash around and make a huge mess. Of course. The biggest problem with that is it was 20 degrees outside and going out in a soaking wet onesie is not good parenting. I’m pretty sure, at least. He only went outside in a semi-soaking wet onesie, so I think we’re good.


Drop-kick (Crazy Eight shirt, Old Navy onesie, Trumpette Mickey socks)

Ben kicking us out of our bed. What a cheeky little monkey!!

We are finally back to NJ after 12 hours of traveling yesterday. Poor Ben. He was such a good sport. We get on the plane and of course Ben is the ONLY baby…not a good sign. Then we were delayed 1/2 hour. Then another 1/2 hour. Then and hour and a 1/2. Eeek, thanks for nothing, Newark. ┬áBen luckily slept most of the time, and then watched Dinosaur Train the rest of the time, with intermittent screams and shouts. But we got a ton of compliments on our little angel, so that was nice. The young girl in front of us said we ” held it down”. A compliment, I think.

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