Happiness is a New Slide

29 03 2012

Laura and I made a Target run today to pick up a few things. Dan and I have wanted to get Ben a slide for awhile now. I didn’t really feel like spending $50 on one, and anytime I email about one on craigslist the person never gets back to me. I guess slides are a hot commodity! Anyway, we saw the one I wanted for $30 at Target today! Wow, so cheap! Laura and I checked the #’s and it was the right item, so I put it in my cart, very excited. When we went to pay, it (of course) rang up at $50. Bummer. The manager said the price was right….boo. After we paid, my super detective sister ran back to the toy aisle and did a double check and took a picture of the price & #…we brought it back to the manager and he gave me the slide for $29.99! SCORE! They totally mis-marked the slide, but that is not my fault!

I put the slide together (Ok, basically just opened the box) and Ben was very excited. He just kept walking up the stairs, standing at the top and yelling, like he was King of the Mountain. No clue how to actually get down the slide (meanwhile, he goes down slides all the time…not sure what was throwing him off). This went on for about a half hour, until I tried to show him how to go down himself. Finally he got the hang of it and has become a sliding maniac. He LOVES it. Let’s hope he doesn’t get bored of the slide in a week.

Ben is wearing a Carter’s zip-up, Children’s Place t-shirt, Gap jeans, and Trumpette socks.

King of the world! / Landing on Lucy / Singing at the top o' the mountain / A little help from my blankie

The funny part was the biggest lure for him to get down the slide on his own, was when I put his blankie at the bottom. He was on a mission to get it! It was cute. Those Aden & Anais blankies are basically crack for Ben.

Making sure I put the slide together correctly (Pretty sure Ben thinks I am out to get him)

The weather has been gorgeous in NJ lately. I am loving it, and so is Ben. Nicer weather means more time outside, which means a more tired child.

Me & Ben at the harbor on a gorgeous Boston evening

Here is a quick peek at Ben from Boston. He is very into “mooing” right now. And it even sounds like a MOO! (Unlike his previous moo, which was more like a “baaaa”) So proud of my little man! He is even starting to say “ba ba” for bottle.

Ben is wearing his Boston “Cheers” shirt (such tourists), Gap jeans, and H&M sneakers.

Mooin' / Shufflin'

While Ben is napping, time for this momma to work out! Not many more sleeps before it’s bathing suit season, and at this rate I will be scaring people off the beach!

Monkeying Around. And…Spring has officially sprung!

20 03 2012

Spring is here. It’s REALLY HERE! Not only is it officially the first day of Spring, but it actually seems like Spring too! Last week I spent most days outside. Either walking to Maplewood or taking Ben to the park. It’s just been wonderful. I wake up happier, my days are happier, everyone is happier.

Ben got a pair of new kicks last week. They are SO CUTE. H&M really has the best stuff for kids.

Tommy Hilfiger button-down, Children's Place T-shirt, Gap jeans, H&M sneakers

This past weekend we went to LBI for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. It was great! So happy to be back. We all went to our favorite happy hour to celebrate Mom & Dad’s 35th anniversary. THIRTY FIVE YEARS! So impressive. Here are pictures of Ben in his new hoodie from H&M looking adorable.

Blankie stroll / Bay / Backyard fun / Tuckers - H&M hoodie, Gap orange shirt, Gap jeans, H&M shoes.

This weekend we head to Boston, then to Baltimore a few weekends later, then Amsterdam/Paris. I am thinking I should not unpack my suitcase this entire month! Ben’s passport came in the mail today…I guess it means we’re really going!!

Taco Tuesday

7 02 2012

This post has nothing to do with Taco Tuesday, except for the fact that I had tacos for lunch and it’s Tuesday.

Today was music class…and for the first time in 3 weeks it wasn’t cancelled. Hooray! Ben wore a Gap button down, Children’s place T-shirt, Gap jeans, Elegant Baby socks, and TOMS. It was a gorgeous spring day (in February) and we loved every second of it!


Completely unrelated, this is what mealtimes look like lately. I love his 5 o’clock pasta sauce shadow.


Thinkbaby feeding set

I went a little scissor-crazy today and cut Ben’s hair way too short. He is a spitting image of Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber. I’M SORRY BENJAMIN! I hope baby hair grows fast.

It's okay! I'm a limo driver!

{Steppin’ Out} Saturday Fun – Family + Birthdays

5 02 2012

Look at us, linking up to Steppin’ Out Saturdays. The most exciting thing about this was I even got showered and dressed up this Saturday. We had a family party, and it was great fun. Ben was an angel. And just hilarious, per usual. The amount of times he says “WHOA” never gets old. It’s like the first time, every time.

Here is a glimpse at the getting ready process. 2 words: Dinosaur Train.


All ready!! Let’s do this.



On Ben: Tommy Hilfiger button down / Children's Place guitar t-shirt / Gap jeans / Trumpette Johnny socks / Toms // On me: Forever 21 blouse and tank / Gap jeans / GoMax shoes from Lulus.com

Dad steps out, too.


Dad wears a Gap button down

And the rest of the evening consisted of Ben waking up at 2am and screaming uncontrollably until we decided to bring him into our bed in the hopes of getting some sleep. That resulted in Ben playing/cuddling for an hour until Dan brought him back to his crib and successfully got him to sleep. Yay Dad!

Now it’s time for Superbowl Funday!

All we are is dust in the wind…

3 02 2012

This shirt is amazing for so many reasons. 1) it was $3.99 2) we have a thing for the movie “Old School” and 3) it says Old School. So…win, win, win.


Children's Place T-shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans, Trumpette Johnny socks, TOMS (Background: Dante and my slipper)

Ben loves this toy. Yay for Gween Toys!! I find it fascinating when he tries to put it together. You can literally see his adorable little brain working.


I want to eat that face.


You're my boy, Ben

Happy Friday! And I hope everyone has a nice little Saturday.

Maybe for my next post, I can figure out a way to incorporate quotes from Stepbrothers…hmmm…..

Nice little Saturday…

8 01 2012

What amazing weather we have been having! We headed to the beach this weekend to take advantage. Ben got to run around on the beach on Saturday…felt like we were back in San Diego. He didn’t even need a jacket! Here is Ben wearing his new sweater and button-down from Children’s Place from his Aunt Joanne and Uncle Dave. He looked adorable!


Children's Place sweater & button-down, Gap jeans, Stride Rite sneakers


Ben enjoying this gorgeous January day on the beach!


Hope everyone on the east coast was outside enjoying this amazing weather, too!

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