{Flashback} Petite Bateau

2 04 2012

Before Ben was born, the company I was working for showered me with a bunch of baby gifts from a local boutique. One of the items was a Petite Bateau onesie. I had never heard of the brand before, and I instantly fell in love with this outfit. I went back to the boutique with Dan and we bought three more cute outfits (it was hard to resist buying out the entire line!)

When Ben was born, he was tall and thin (and has stayed that way!) Many American brands seem to cater to chunkier babies, and so many outfits I would get Ben would look ridiculous. He was swimming in them! The Petite Bateau clothes always fit perfectly. I would recommend them for any long and lean baby. This is going to be a picture-heavy post, since once I start going back into old pictures, I cannot help myself. Ben was such a cute guy, going through a couple rough patches (baby acne and baldness). But still adorable (at least his mother thinks so!)

Going home from the hospital! 4 days old.

Ben’s going home outfit was probably my favorite of his Petite Bateau bodysuits. He looked like a little jailbird.

Sleeping on Daddy

Notice the Aden & Anais burpy bib. Those are THE BEST. Not kidding. If you are having a baby, get a few and you won’t be sorry.

Photo shoot gone bad

3 weeks was a rough age for Ben. This picture cracks me up for obvious reasons. 1) Ben’s chicken legs 2) He had fallen over and his head was now resting on a block. No control 3) His hair 4) His unfazed facial expression.

4 weeks and an adorable sneeze

Outfit change #2 on the same day:

San Diego balcony

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Dan and Ben. I love the expression on his cute little smirky face. Plus, it was a really nice balcony overlooking the East Village. I love this little tank top. Here is a similar one currently for sale.

There's that balcony again!

Here is Ben at about 5 weeks old. This picture was taking when Laura & Jeff were visiting us for a long weekend to meet Ben. They still sell this bodysuit on the website. I miss him being that small. Look how still he is in my arms. I can’t hold him for more than 5 seconds now!

The outfit that started it all from my co-workers.

Here is Ben in his 6 week picture wearing the bodysuit that started the Petite Bateau craze. It has a picture of a little fish on the front. Too cute. And Ben is also too cute. Notice how much bigger he is than his 3 week photo in the same outfit.

I can’t believe how much Ben has changed. It is amazing to look back on these pictures. Feels like a lifetime ago, not only a year and a half. We were living in a different state, living a totally different life. I am so happy I have these pictures to remember every little bit of Ben’s life.

{Flashback} Fall leaves + Race day

27 01 2012

This past October, my very fit and fabulous {disclaimer: Dan does not approve of me calling him fit and fabulous} husband ran an 18 mile race. EIGHTEEN MILES…the entire length of the beautiful Long Beach Island, where my parents have a summer house. By sheer {bad} luck the weekend was gorgeous and in the high 80’s…very rare for October. This was only bad luck for Dan because running 18 miles in 86 degree weather is basically torture. We had a wonderful weekend {especially when Laura and I stayed up late Saturday night chatting and drinking wine after the boyswent to bed at 9pm *note Jeff was not running any race}. My parents and Laura and Jeff were all there to cheer Dan on at various points along the way and of course, at the finish line!

Dan finished with an amazing time of 3:02. While we waited for him at the finish line we saw people crawling to the end and others vomiting when they finally made it. Dan just grabbed a root beer and some snacks and sat in the shade. Impressive, to say the least. I’m pretty sure he only ran the race so we would all take him to Buckalew’s for lunch afterwards. It was totally worth it.

That Saturday Ben wore an adorable Nautica shirt and white Gap jeans with his navy TOMS. On race day he actually wore his Jets jersey in honor of the game later that evening.

It was a very memorable weekend had by all.

Oh, just mowing some bubbles.

Ben absolutely loves the backyard of the shore house. It’s like his own personal playpen. ¬†And, thanks to a plethora of garage sales on LBI, it’s also filled with lots of fun goodies for him to play with/ruin.

Playing in the leaves and being perfect// Nautica shirt, Gap jeans, TOMS

Grandma taught Ben to throw leaves in the air. Makes for some cute pictures.

Looking forward to next year’s race. GO DAN!

Family photo minutes after the race

{Flashback} Aden + Anais

13 01 2012

I had never even heard of Aden + Anais swaddles until I was in the audience of the Mother’s Day Ellen Show in 2010. Just for being in the audience we got 4 Aden + Anais swaddles and 2 burp clothes (along with a plethora of other gifts including a Teutonia stroller, a 6 month supply of diapers¬†and a video monitor!)

We began using these swaddles from day 1 in the hospital. I loved how HUGE they were, especially for beginner swaddlers like Dan and myself, and how soft and breathable they were. I also used them to cover Ben’s carseat when on walks, or on a picnic at the park (it was August and we lived in a small 1-bedroom apartment…I was outside as much as possible!) And now, Ben uses them as his security blankie…he can’t sleep without them. He also loves to wrap them around his neck and walk around the house; he looks like a mini-Hugh Hefner (I mean that in the cutest possible way!!) The burp cloths are also amazing…they are thick and absorbent, and when they get older you can use them as bibs! They snap around their neck, and cover almost their whole body…genius.

To sum up this post, Aden + Anais blankets and burp cloths were the best baby purchase we made (I use that term loosely, since we got them for free) and put this at the top of the Mommy Must-Have list!

Day 2 - Baby Burrito

Ben in Balboa Park

Ben enjoying the NYC skyline

Rough Day

And just for fun, here is a picture of me & Laura right before the Ellen Show…good memories! What an amazing sister I have to fly 3,000 miles for 1 night to come with me to a show full of pregnant woman and hear us scream over baby stuff!

Me (7 months pregnant) and Laura before Ellen

{Flashback} Going Home Outfit

5 01 2012

Choosing a baby’s going home outfit from the hospital is almost as stressful as labor itself. I think I was asked about the going home outfit more than when I was due, how I was feeling…you get the idea. Anyway, we were lucky enough to find the most adorable going home outfit. It was this amazing little boutique in San Diego that carried the best lines (only the BEST for my unborn child, you see).

So here he is, in his hospital finest, ready to embark into the world!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Don’t you just want to eat that face? And those feet?

Here is Ben at 2 weeks (with his equally awesome BB Blocks). That outfit was not cheap, so I got as much use out of it as I could in those first weeks.

Petit Bateau onesie and hat (hat not pictured); BB Blocks

My favorite thing about the Petit Bateau clothing line was they fit Ben perfectly. (And I like to pretend he’ s a little french boy sometimes, too). If you have a tall, thin baby, these onesies fit perfectly. While any Gap or Carter’s onesies are wide and huge, these fit gorgeously! I can’t wait to pass them on to someone else one day. These are a great gift if you know someone having a baby! (The blocks are also a nice out-of-the-box gift idea).

{Flashback} 1st Birthday

2 01 2012

Since I just started this blog, I will post a few “flashbacks” of my favorite outfits. This was Benjamin Rex’s first birthday…we spent it on Long Beach Island so he needed the perfect casual beachy outfit for the occasion.

GAP Shark button down, GAP shorts with skull belt, TOMS, comb-over (free)

Daddy needs a fashion blog next! Check out those sweet yellow shorts! But for now, we’ll focus on the B-man.

Mommy is lacking in the family fashion department.

Basically, 9 times out of 10, Ben’s entire outfit is GAP. He is obsessed (and by him, I mean me). They have the best sales and super cute little boy clothes.

Happy first birthday buddy!

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