Easy like Sunday morning

27 02 2012

We had a pretty low-key weekend that consisted of shopping, cooking, eating, and hanging out with Laura & Jeff. And exercising! I was able to do spin AND pilates this weekend.

Ben’s outfits mostly consisted of no shirt and/or pants, and pajamas. And being fully clothed a little in between.

Pit stop / Topless playtime / Look Ma, no hands! / Saturday night / Sunday morning

Outfit summary: Appaman jacket, Children’s place shirt, Gap jeans, TOMS; Carter’s Dinosaur pajamas; Children’s Place button down, Gap jeans


We also MADE SOAP! That’s right. How crafty am I? (Or cheap…whatever you prefer.) Anyway, I found this recipe and tutorial on making liquid hand soap. We go through a lot of liquid soap around here from constantly washing our hands after changing diapers or cleaning up Lucy’s puke. (Jealous?) The soap came out fabulous! I used a bar of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint bar soap…healthy soap that is good for little hands. One bar makes an entire gallon. You can’t go wrong.


Shredded soap (NOT CHEESE) / Morning after / Mixing / Finished product (Don't drink that milk)!

Dan tried a new recipe this weekend on both Saturday AND Sunday night (same recipe, just made some improvements on Sunday night). Laura & Jeff agreed on the tastiness of this new dish. See for yourself. I know.


Low carb, gluten free Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Happy Monday! Ben and I just got back from the zoo and he’s exhausted.

Casual Friday

24 02 2012

While these pictures weren’t taken on Friday, it IS Friday, so this sort of makes sense. Plus it’s raining, so it’s definitely a casual day around here.

Ben is running around in a cute Gymboree hoodie, Old Navy fleece sweatpants and Trumpette Johnny socks. Notice the greeting Dan gets when he gets home. No matter how fussy Ben is, the minute Dan walks in the door hilarity ensues until bedtime. Ben hiding in the tent, waiting for Dan to “attack” him, running into Dan’s arms, crawling all over Dan. Noticing a theme? Daddy = FUN

Running laps / Treats / Greeting Daddy

Ben is obsessed with the dog bowl. He no longer eats dog food (or really just puts it into his mouth) as much as he used to. That’s not to say I don’t find a piece of kibble in his mouth on occasion. But he will just stand and point to the food bowl or water bowl, it’s really cute. And, like in the picture, sometimes stop to play with it. Another reason to buy high-quality dog food when you have a toddler in the house.

In other news: Dan and I are officially going to the HUNGER GAMES ADVANCED SCREENING on March 21! I am so excited, it’s hard to put it into words. Finally a reason to wear my Mockingjay pin in public!!! Go read the books ASAP if you haven’t.

High on Thrifting Thursday {HOTT}

23 02 2012

This past weekend I decided to do a little thrifting while at my Mom’s house. Why the sudden urge to start thrifting? Well, I don’t work (Hahahaha, this is actually an inside stay-at-home-mom joke, hahaha), so I need to try to cut corners where I can. And baby toys are EXPENSIVE. We are talking $100+ for crappy pieces of plastic. Plus, I am really into recycling and re-using. Sometimes craiglist is just a little too expensive (greedy people trying to get way more than they should for said crappy pieces of plastic). Plus I just like vintage-y old stuff.

Anyway, our first trip to a few shops was a small success. I got this Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Home for Ben for $20. It may have been missing some or all of the pieces, but it works. And Ben loses all small pieces to his toys anyway, so this is perfect! Once Mom and I disinfected it, it looks brand new. Ben’s buddy Asher has one of these upstairs in our building and Ben LOVES it…I knew it was just a matter of time before I had to break down and get one. Next item he needs that Asher has…a SLIDE! Once we move the twin bed out of Ben’s room we will be getting one (garage sale? craigslist?).


Daddy and Ben enjoying the new Fisher Price Door

I also picked up a few other pieces. A beautiful piece of white and pink Pyrex. A mason jar (now time to look up mason jar craft ideas!) One of my favorite books, Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes. All of this for $26.


$1 sweater and a messy house / Rachel's Holiday / Mason jar / Pretty in Pink Pyrex

Oh, how can I forget the thrift store Dan and I stopped at yesterday? I got a sweet Old Navy sweater for $1. A DOLLAR. I don’t even get it. But I love it!

Downtown Chester, NJ has the cutest stores…I never really get a change to go around there since it’s a bit of a hike, but last weekend we stopped at the Little Monkeys consignment shop and got Ben a sweet pink polo shirt for $6. Easter outfit? Maybe. In general, we honestly get cheaper clothing during a Gap Sale Sale (a sale on top of their sale items), which was kind of disappointing.

I am getting psyched for garage sale season on LBI. (My father is not…he is worried the shore house is going to look like a toy store). And just spring/summer in LBI in general. This week is supposed to be almost 60 degrees, which has me itching for Spring!

Happy Thrifting!!

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Fun at Grandma’s

21 02 2012

I spent the past four nights, starting on Thursday, at my parents’ house. Besides scanning a ridiculous amount of old photos, we also did some thrifting, some lunching, and some shopping. Grandma got Ben a few new adorable shirts at the Gap, along with a super cool new rash guard which is making me excited for summer.

Here is Ben modeling one of his new shirts. I love the neon thermal.


Gap thermal, Gap jeans, Trumpette Too socks

Here’s a few pictures from our Sunday. Dan got back from his “business” trip to San Francisco, which was really nice (especially since my Dad left for Washington the same day). We made baked ziti, drank wine and watched Amazing Race. SO excited for this season!


Watching deer with Uncle Rufus / Daddy's home! / Loungin / Kitchen utensil fun

How cute is Ben watching the deer in the backyard with Rufus? The dogs literally go nuts when there are deer at the bird feeder (which is every day) and Ben runs over with them and checks out the scene. Cuteness.

Monday was a very exciting day because we made AUNTIE ANNE’S pretzels. Yes, that actually happened. Mom bought a kit at BJ’s and the whole thing was glorious. Definitely going to pick up a few hundred of those kits.

Hope everyone is enjoying the short work week!

Cool Meter Family Tree

17 02 2012

My cool meter has never been very high. I played with Barbies until an embarrassingly old age, I adopted a whale for fun, collected stamps, played the violin, desperately wanted to go to space camp…the list goes on and on.

My mom’s cool meter has fluctuated throughout the years. My dad, on the other hand, has always been pretty cool, in an oddball sort of way.  I won’t comment on my sister’s coolness but you can see for yourself in a few of the below pictures. Check out how awesome Mom was circa 1972.


Gorgeous Mama. Pre-kids, pre-husband. Sounds about right.

You can see below there was never much of a chance of me being very cool. Here I am stuffing my face with what looks like a dog toy on my plate. Yikes.


Early spaghetti face. Similar to my present spaghetti face.

I am hoping Ben is off to a better start than I was (I mean, was there really any hope for me?) Last night while digging through od baby clothes of mine, my mom and I found this totally awesome vintage E.T. shirt that fits Mr. B perfectly. See? Cool meter is already skyrocketing (note: shirt needs to be ironed…has been in a box for 30 years).


B-Rex rocking his new (old) vintage E.T. t-shirt that neither of my parents remember me or Laura having. Meaning our cool meter was once again very low.

I will leave you with these pictures I dug up today. You decide each one’s cool factor for yourself, although I have given each a preliminary rating.


Happy birthday Mom! Dad's hair is about a 10/11 on the cool scale. Mom's is up there, too.


Cool meter is through the roof in this photo. Probably around an 11 or 12. I am so proud of my parents here. Dan and I need to go rollerskating ASAP.


Easter 1978. The cool meter in this picture is about a 9 for my parents, and an 11 for the pictures on the wall.


Dad, me & Laura. Check out my pose (and hair. and socks). Cool meter = 2


Matching outfits = win (we look cuter when dressed alike...it hides our flaws. This is similar to a lesson I learned on HIMYM)

I am pretty sure Ben is going to be off-the-charts awesome, but if he wants to collect stamps, that is ok with me, too.

**Next Cool Meter Family Tree post will be focusing on pictures of Dan as a baby…because I have some pretty sweet ones back at our place. You will be amazed at how many Mickey turtlenecks one person can own!

{Steppin’ In Saturday} Pajama Party

13 02 2012

This weekend was all about staying in, staying in pajamas, and staying warm. We were at the beach, and it was freezing. Ben never even got out of his pajamas on Saturday. It was one of those perfect days that include takeout pizza and a fire. And playing around on the iPad and taking silly pictures.


Post no-heat curls / PUZZLES / Circus tent with Daddy / Family thermal camera fun

Linking up to Steppin’ Out Saturdays, where other people probably went out and had a life! And in case anyone is curious about what no-heat curls are, see tutorial here.

The iPad camera really is crap

Today we had a fun playdate, and as usual the day is ending with Ben pant-less. Here’s a few pictures of a tired Ben rolling around with paper towels and his blankie.


Paper towel love affair / Sleepy baby / Rolling around / Outfit: Gap onesie, Trumpette socks & Aden + Anais star swaddle blanket

Tomorrow is Ben’s 18 month birthday. What a perfect way to celebrate…on Valentine’s Day! Especially since he’s the love of our life.

Happy V-day!


10 02 2012

We are heading to LBI tonight and can’t wait for a relaxing pre-V-Day weekend (filled with rain and snow!) Here’s a few cute shots of Ben tonight after dinner. In his usual Gap onesie and bad haircut.


Little rascal

The real point of this post is to show Ben’s new scrunch face. It’s hilarious. He fake-laughs while doing it. It almost seems like he’s mocking us. Such a rascal, this guy is. The really scary part is, this is the same face I used to make. See uncanny resemblance below.


Ben's new scrunch face

No Instagram needed on this picture. It’s OLD. Hey, look, I had a bad haircut too!

My old scrunch face

Let the weekend begin!

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