“Superman with a load in his pants”

28 01 2012

A great woman once said “There goes Superman with a load in his pants”. That great woman was my grandmother, and that cute (probably), stinky Superman was my father. It always makes me laugh. ¬†Anything involving my father as a child makes me laugh. Well, now I totally get it. Because today, I had my own little happy Superman with a load in his pants.

This morning I went to spin class (yay, me!) and came home to a happy baby greeting me in the hallway, dressed by Dad. He picked a pretty cute outfit, I must say. And tonight the cape completed the look, for sure!

Cute cheeks, Gap button-down & jeans, First Impressions white T, Trumpette Too socks

Ben happened to be playing with three photo-worthy toys at the same time: Melissa & Doug, Gween Toys, and Kid O. All are either wooden or eco-friendly toys, which is why they are my favorite! They look pretty, too.

Left to right: Melissa & Doug penguin / Gween Toys windmill / Kid O pick-up truck

Here are pictures of Ben running around with his “B” cape Lainie, Jon & Sam got him for Christmas. Such an incredible gift! What kid doesn’t want to run around pretending to be a superhero??

This photo filter was called "Kryptonite", this picture was made for it. Laser Lucy eyes in the background.

Serious Super B-Man in his tent

Ben’s newest trick today is clucking like a chicken. I love when he comes up with something new out of nowhere. I can’t wait until he starts really talking (less clucking, more words). He’s such a character I honestly can’t even imagine what he will say!

Hope everyone else had a nice little Saturday!

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