How to Wear a V-Neck

17 04 2012

Ben is really giving a lot of fashion lessons this week. Ben wearing his very first V-neck T-shirt just makes me laugh because all I think about is Andy Sandberg and Ben Stiller in the SNL V-Neck skit that was hilARious.

I already feel the need to buy about 1,000 more V-necks for Ben because he looks so ridiculously cute in them. Dan is a V-neck guy, so it’s cute that Ben is following in his footsteps!

Ben is wearing a Gap v-neck shirt, H&M khaki shorts, and H&M sneakers.

King Ben of the V-Necks

"Mom! The meatloaf!"

I can't take this kid. He is the coolest.

So excited for music class!

Yesterday Ben and I drove to Pennsylvania for a playdate with his cousin, Will! I snapped this shot when Ben was waiting for the door to open. It was so cute. He knocked, then took a seat to wait with his snack. I also got to see my cousins Amy and Mim and have a nice day at the library and lunch in the cute town of Bethlehem! It was a gorgeous day….90 degrees in April!

Ben is wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo button down, H&M khaki shorts, Elegant Baby socks, and H&M sneakers. 

Ben patiently waiting for his cousin Will to open the door for his playdate!

I am finally starting to prepare for this huge Europe trip NEXT WEEK! I picked up a used Ergo carrier for Ben today and so far it was a small success taking the dogs out on a walk and having Ben on my back. We are hoping to use the Ergo for things like the plane,  being on the boat for Queen’s Day in Amsterdam and sightseeing in Paris. We’ll see if Ben ends up liking it…I sure hope so! Cannot believe our trip is next week. So excited.

Real Men Wear Pink

9 04 2012

Yesterday could not have been a more perfect Easter Sunday! Ben was so happy all day, the sun was shining and the weather was gorgeous. The day started with an Easter egg “hunt” with strategically placed eggs all over our apartment (basically, just a bunch of eggs in plain view). We filled them with yogurt melts and he was so excited to open each one with a snack inside! The rest of the day was spent with family and Ben got to run around outside and even tried kielbasa for the first time!

Gimme my Easter basket!

Ben’s Easter outfit: Pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt, Gap jeans, Gap blazer, H&M sneakers, Pottery Barn personalized bib

Find the egg, Ben

Ben & Frisco enjoying the weather

Shirtless Easter dinner

Mini Don Johnson

Dan and I did not realize we were channeling Don Johnson when we put him in this outfit in the morning, but just look at the resemblance. He even has a similar hair-do. I’m so proud.

Ben's Easter fashion idol

Ben actually wore the same blazer last Easter….it’s a size 6-12 months but if you just roll up the sleeves it still fits, just a little differently! I figured why not get some more use out of these things that he only wears once. And he looked so adorable (both years).

Easter 2011 - 8 months old

Hope everyone had as nice an Easter as we all did. And that you are enjoying as many leftovers as we are! Happy Easter!

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