Running a Half Marathon = Risky Business

24 04 2012

Dan participated in the Rutgers Half Marathon on Sunday, which just happens to be where we both went to college. He ran 13.1 miles. In less than 2 hours. I know, I was impressed too!

He ran the hilly course so quickly that I actually missed him coming across the finish line! He ran through 3 campuses which he said was amazing and quite an experience and something he wants to do every year going forward. We were both getting very nostalgic being back at Rutgers, especially with Ben. It was a wonderful evening/morning.


This is how Ben prepared for the race…by running around Risky Business-style with no pants on! I absolutely love giving Ben a pair of sunglasses because he finds it hilarious.

Ben is wearing a Gap button down and H&M sneakers.

Here are a few other pictures from the evening before the race and the race morning. We had dinner at Old Man Rafferty’s and walked around campus. We got Ben all decked out in RU gear for the morning! He was exhausted since he woke up at 6:45 in the hotel because we had to drop Dan off at Busch campus. And luckily the rain held out until Dan was around mile 10! Could not have been a better weekend. *Please note Dan’s amazing Adidas New Jersey shirt he has been saving for the race*

Ben is wearing his Rutgers football jersey, Gap jeans, Old Navy onesie, Rutgers socks and H&M sneakers.

Bib pick-up / Sharing milk / Time to Run / Success!


In case you need a Tuesday pick-me-up, you need to check out this blog. Be warned, you may die laughing. Especially when you look at this post.  

Thanks to Laura for sending me last night, causing me to laugh uncontrollably for many minutes.

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This week I have an excuse to go a little crazy since we’re taking Ben to EUROPE and it’s finally here! I am so excited, and can’t wait to post updates on the fun European clothes we get him! I am particularly excited for the Eiffel Tower, eating as much cheese as possible, visiting the Anne Frank Museum, the tulips in Amsterdam, renting a boat on Queen’s Day, riding bikes around Amsterdam, and of course, seeing our good friends the Zbranaks!!!!


All we are is dust in the wind…

3 02 2012

This shirt is amazing for so many reasons. 1) it was $3.99 2) we have a thing for the movie “Old School” and 3) it says Old School. So…win, win, win.


Children's Place T-shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans, Trumpette Johnny socks, TOMS (Background: Dante and my slipper)

Ben loves this toy. Yay for Gween Toys!! I find it fascinating when he tries to put it together. You can literally see his adorable little brain working.


I want to eat that face.


You're my boy, Ben

Happy Friday! And I hope everyone has a nice little Saturday.

Maybe for my next post, I can figure out a way to incorporate quotes from Stepbrothers…hmmm…..

On the Banks of the Old Raritan

24 01 2012

I love Tuesdays. Tuesday morning is Music Class day. We get out of the house for over an hour, I can walk there, my friend Allison is in the class, and Ben loves it (by loves it, I mean he screams, runs around, steals items from other strollers, sometimes poops, dances, and just causes general ruckus). Sounds fun, right? So many great things about Tuesday. Except when our teacher keeps cancelling class! This is the second week in a row I got up and showered for NOTHING (well, normal people shower everyday, so I guess this isn’t such a bad thing). So, instead of music class today, we went to Allison & Asher’s for a playdate! The second best part of this (first being how much I enjoy hanging out with them) is that they live upstairs in our building. I know!

Since Ben is hopefully going to go to Rutgers, I like to periodically dress him up in Rutgers garb. It’s like a subliminal message with his clothes. Dan selfishly wants him to go to USC (so he can visit Southern CA), but I have a feeling he’ll follow in Mom & Dad’s footsteps and life will take him to the banks of the Old Raritan…


Rushing to see his girlfriend in a Rutgers shirt, Gap jeans, Trumpette Too socks + his sippy cup

Here are the boys during their playdate. Ben repeatedly gets mad at Asher for trying to be his friend. I really hope this is just a stage and Ben isn’t “that kid”. I don’t think he will be with such fun and awesome parents like Dan and myself, but one can never really be sure.


Asher showing Ben who's boss

Are you kidding me with those dimples?  Asher is the best. I can’t wait for them to be best buds and pick up chicks together. Asher has some pretty cool duds, so we’ll have to do a co-fashion post with these two cute men.

Day by daaaay…

22 01 2012

This post is going to be filled with lots of random mumbo jumbo.

Most importantly, is the news of THIS. Yes, a re-make of Wet Hot American Summer at Sketchfest in SF. How I wish we still lived in Cali at times like this! I can’t believe they got the whole band back together. A-mazing. It is reasons like this that I love that entire cast. So yes, this is a random thought that has nothing to do with Ben. But, as you can see, it is also very important to me. Almost as important as Ben’s cute little outfits.


Fondue with cheddar.

Chris Meloni was even there to play his beloved role of Gene. I still can’t watch SVU without laughing. LOVE. Thank goodness for Twitter to alerting me to this gem, along with up-to-the minute pics of Paul Rudd, Michael Ian Black, Marguerite Moreau, etc, etc. Good times. Wish I was friends with everyone in this funtastic group. *SIGH*

Ok, back to our Chicago trip! And this precious face:


Starting the day off right//Old Navy pajamas with TOMS

Every morning we wake up and we venture off to breakfast. This is the life! I could get used to this. No cooking, no trying to figure out what to make for Ben each morning…someone has already done it for me! Ben has been eating like a champ, thanks to the Residence Inn. The above picture was Ben heading down to his breakfast…I hope he doesn’t expect this type of treatment once we are back in NJ. Waffles and yogurts for you, buddy!


Off to lunch in the snow / Ben vs. Hunter / @Hub 51 / Ben Gapped out for a wintery Chicago day

It was a full-blown stow storm here in Chicago on Friday. It was nice at first…very pretty and I was excited for the snow. But by the time the evening came it was just a hassle. We had a wonderful lunch at Hub 51 next to our hotel…what a cool place. I had a ridiculous plate of nachos. It IS vacation, after all. That evening,  we tried to go out to dinner with the stroller, only to realize we couldn’t push the stroller because of so much snow. Soooo, we just held Ben and ran a block to Rosebud Trattoria…yum, Italian! Ben was crazy at dinner and we were probably in and out in about 20 minutes. Typical.


Extreme V / Gino's East + my huge banana hands / Jersey Represent / Waiting for deep dish

Check out Ben’s extreme V…could not resist a picture…if you haven’t seen this SNL skit, you are missing out. Ben Stiller & Andy Samberg at their best.

Anyways, we decided to head out to a nice touristy place for our Saturday evening. We wanted deep dish pizza. We ARE in Chicago. Can’t leave without some ooey gooey pizza.  So we headed to Gino’s East which was only about a half mile from our hotel. It was such a fun place…just the cheesy (pun intended) atmosphere we were looking for. And the pizza was delicious. Perfect evening.

Today Dan is off, so we’re heading out for some more touristy activities (so many activities!) Sears Tower? Shedd Aquarium? So many choices!!! And then…back to reality tomorrow.

Music Man

10 01 2012

It is no secret Ben loves music. This boy loves to shake it. If you put on Chris Brown or LMFAO, prepare to die from laughter as Ben dances uncontrollably. So, I was VERY excited that his music class was back, after over a month-long hiatus. Ben got all decked out for the occasion (although he was upstaged by the adorable 4-year old Henry who wore a pink tulle skirt over his jeans, cowboy boots, and a safari hat. Definitely need Henry to start a blog). Here is Ben after class, in his Gap jeans, panda shirt from Crazy Eight, and his black TOMS.


Crazy Eight shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans, Elegant Baby socks (not shown), TOMS


This is what someone looks like while watching Yo Gabba Gabba. Pure confusion.


Cute baby feet.


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