Taco Tuesday

7 02 2012

This post has nothing to do with Taco Tuesday, except for the fact that I had tacos for lunch and it’s Tuesday.

Today was music class…and for the first time in 3 weeks it wasn’t cancelled. Hooray! Ben wore a Gap button down, Children’s place T-shirt, Gap jeans, Elegant Baby socks, and TOMS. It was a gorgeous spring day (in February) and we loved every second of it!


Completely unrelated, this is what mealtimes look like lately. I love his 5 o’clock pasta sauce shadow.


Thinkbaby feeding set

I went a little scissor-crazy today and cut Ben’s hair way too short. He is a spitting image of Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber. I’M SORRY BENJAMIN! I hope baby hair grows fast.

It's okay! I'm a limo driver!

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