Cool Meter Family Tree

17 02 2012

My cool meter has never been very high. I played with Barbies until an embarrassingly old age, I adopted a whale for fun, collected stamps, played the violin, desperately wanted to go to space camp…the list goes on and on.

My mom’s cool meter has fluctuated throughout the years. My dad, on the other hand, has always been pretty cool, in an oddball sort of way.  I won’t comment on my sister’s coolness but you can see for yourself in a few of the below pictures. Check out how awesome Mom was circa 1972.


Gorgeous Mama. Pre-kids, pre-husband. Sounds about right.

You can see below there was never much of a chance of me being very cool. Here I am stuffing my face with what looks like a dog toy on my plate. Yikes.


Early spaghetti face. Similar to my present spaghetti face.

I am hoping Ben is off to a better start than I was (I mean, was there really any hope for me?) Last night while digging through od baby clothes of mine, my mom and I found this totally awesome vintage E.T. shirt that fits Mr. B perfectly. See? Cool meter is already skyrocketing (note: shirt needs to be ironed…has been in a box for 30 years).


B-Rex rocking his new (old) vintage E.T. t-shirt that neither of my parents remember me or Laura having. Meaning our cool meter was once again very low.

I will leave you with these pictures I dug up today. You decide each one’s cool factor for yourself, although I have given each a preliminary rating.


Happy birthday Mom! Dad's hair is about a 10/11 on the cool scale. Mom's is up there, too.


Cool meter is through the roof in this photo. Probably around an 11 or 12. I am so proud of my parents here. Dan and I need to go rollerskating ASAP.


Easter 1978. The cool meter in this picture is about a 9 for my parents, and an 11 for the pictures on the wall.


Dad, me & Laura. Check out my pose (and hair. and socks). Cool meter = 2


Matching outfits = win (we look cuter when dressed hides our flaws. This is similar to a lesson I learned on HIMYM)

I am pretty sure Ben is going to be off-the-charts awesome, but if he wants to collect stamps, that is ok with me, too.

**Next Cool Meter Family Tree post will be focusing on pictures of Dan as a baby…because I have some pretty sweet ones back at our place. You will be amazed at how many Mickey turtlenecks one person can own!

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