Ready for the Weekend!

12 04 2012

I am so ready for the weekend. For some reason the weeks have been feeling looong. Maybe it’s that I am just ready for summer. Or maybe I just have a lot on my mind. One being a huge attempt to lose the last of this pesky baby weight (so basically I am hungry all the time), and the other being our upcoming trip (VERY excited, just a little nervous that Ben will behave on the plane).

Yesterday Grandma treated Ben to a few new shirts at Janie & Jack, thanks to a really great sale they are having right now. I just LOVE Janie & Jack’s clothing. They have adorable, high quality items that actually last. Forget about the girl stuff…if you have a daughter you will go broke just looking in the window.

There was one shirt they only had in size 6-12 month, but we had to get it anyway. It fits him PERFECTLY, and it’s long sleeves, so it works out. It’s also reversible. It almost makes their prices worth it since you can turn the shirt inside out and you have an entirely new outfit! (This picture shows the other side of the shirt…cute!)

Ben is wearing a Janie & Jack shirt, Gap jeans, H&M sneakers and a ridiculous comb-over. 

"Where's your belly button?" Close, Ben. Close.

Such a dapper lil’ guy.

Ben modeling his new shirt. And a Lucy butt.

Seriously, how cute is that shirt? I don’t know, maybe I am biased. (Please pardon the blurry picture. It’s difficult to capture this crazy man standing still).

Sitting on Mommy's lap giving Lucy a hug

Currently Ben is eating his dinner with 2 forks, 1 in each hand. It’s adorable. (And smart, since he can eat twice as fast this way).  No clue if this kid will be lefty (like Dad) or righty (like Mom). The minute we start guessing, he goes and uses the other hand. Looks like we’ll have to just wait this one out and see what happens!

Tomorrow and the weekend is looking gorgeous! I will be dropping off the pups at the Grandparents’ house tomorrow since we are going to Baltimore for the weekend! I have never been to the Inner Harbor, so I am really looking forward to it. At this rate, I will be able to write a book on roadtrips with a toddler!

Happy Friday!



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12 04 2012

6-12 mos!!!

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