The Magical Fruit

9 02 2012

I very much enjoy all things mexican, especially beans. Dan, on the flip side, dislikes beans very much. Anyway, I made a huge batch of black beans in my fabulous new slow cooker (great way to avoid cans…aka BPA) and gave a little bowl to Ben. He loves feeding himself now with a fork or spoon, it’s so cute. It’s also a huge mess. See Ben eat.


This morning as I was getting Ben ready for the day (we had library story time at 10am), instead of putting clothes on him, I first decided to dress him in last Easter’s blazer. Just to see if it fit. And just because this is what you do when you are home alone all day with a baby…you slowly go crazy and this is what you find funny.


Gap blazer / cute baby toes / crazed baby

Last night Mom & Laura came over for dinner and Ben ran around like he was high on 300 pixie sticks. He cracks me up. Note cute smudge of pasta sauce on face.


Laura telling Ben what she wants for Christmas

This morning Mom and I took Ben to the library for the Good Thymes String Band (these guys are great) and then went out to lunch. Ben went a little crazy 3/4 of the way through our meal, and had to be dragged kicking and screaming from the restaurant, so Laura & Mom packed up my food and brought it back for me to eat once Ben was napping. Ahhh, the joys of mother hood!


Goodnight, blog world

Family dinner time! Have a great night!

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