How to Wear a V-Neck

17 04 2012

Ben is really giving a lot of fashion lessons this week. Ben wearing his very first V-neck T-shirt just makes me laugh because all I think about is Andy Sandberg and Ben Stiller in the SNL V-Neck skit that was hilARious.

I already feel the need to buy about 1,000 more V-necks for Ben because he looks so ridiculously cute in them. Dan is a V-neck guy, so it’s cute that Ben is following in his footsteps!

Ben is wearing a Gap v-neck shirt, H&M khaki shorts, and H&M sneakers.

King Ben of the V-Necks

"Mom! The meatloaf!"

I can't take this kid. He is the coolest.

So excited for music class!

Yesterday Ben and I drove to Pennsylvania for a playdate with his cousin, Will! I snapped this shot when Ben was waiting for the door to open. It was so cute. He knocked, then took a seat to wait with his snack. I also got to see my cousins Amy and Mim and have a nice day at the library and lunch in the cute town of Bethlehem! It was a gorgeous day….90 degrees in April!

Ben is wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo button down, H&M khaki shorts, Elegant Baby socks, and H&M sneakers. 

Ben patiently waiting for his cousin Will to open the door for his playdate!

I am finally starting to prepare for this huge Europe trip NEXT WEEK! I picked up a used Ergo carrier for Ben today and so far it was a small success taking the dogs out on a walk and having Ben on my back. We are hoping to use the Ergo for things like the plane,  being on the boat for Queen’s Day in Amsterdam and sightseeing in Paris. We’ll see if Ben ends up liking it…I sure hope so! Cannot believe our trip is next week. So excited.

On the Banks of the Old Raritan

24 01 2012

I love Tuesdays. Tuesday morning is Music Class day. We get out of the house for over an hour, I can walk there, my friend Allison is in the class, and Ben loves it (by loves it, I mean he screams, runs around, steals items from other strollers, sometimes poops, dances, and just causes general ruckus). Sounds fun, right? So many great things about Tuesday. Except when our teacher keeps cancelling class! This is the second week in a row I got up and showered for NOTHING (well, normal people shower everyday, so I guess this isn’t such a bad thing). So, instead of music class today, we went to Allison & Asher’s for a playdate! The second best part of this (first being how much I enjoy hanging out with them) is that they live upstairs in our building. I know!

Since Ben is hopefully going to go to Rutgers, I like to periodically dress him up in Rutgers garb. It’s like a subliminal message with his clothes. Dan selfishly wants him to go to USC (so he can visit Southern CA), but I have a feeling he’ll follow in Mom & Dad’s footsteps and life will take him to the banks of the Old Raritan…


Rushing to see his girlfriend in a Rutgers shirt, Gap jeans, Trumpette Too socks + his sippy cup

Here are the boys during their playdate. Ben repeatedly gets mad at Asher for trying to be his friend. I really hope this is just a stage and Ben isn’t “that kid”. I don’t think he will be with such fun and awesome parents like Dan and myself, but one can never really be sure.


Asher showing Ben who's boss

Are you kidding me with those dimples?  Asher is the best. I can’t wait for them to be best buds and pick up chicks together. Asher has some pretty cool duds, so we’ll have to do a co-fashion post with these two cute men.

Doctors + Playdates

15 01 2012

I had to take Ben for his dreaded MMR shot on Friday…something I was not looking forward to, but wasn’t so bad. Dan had left for Atlanta early Thursday morning, leaving me alone to take care of Ben and the 2 crazy dogs. Of course, since Dan was gone, this meant Ben was up 3x that night, and woke up extra early, and extra fussy. Dante was throwing up in the bedroom, while Ben was screaming in pain from a new and horrific looking diaper rash. Yay! Happy Friday to me! Luckily, after the doctor I headed to my parents’ house, where they  let me and my entourage stay for the next 3 nights.

Friday afternoon Ben also had a very fun playdate with his long-distance girlfriend, Mia (23 months) and his buddy Jake (5.5 months).  Unfortunately Ben was super cranky and laid on me most of the time and cried.

Ben wore a gorgeous new Darcy Brown sweater from his great Aunt Eileen. He also wore his signature jeans & TOMS. (For the record, Ben has a lot of other jeans and pants, but are all size 18 months…who knew Ben would be so svelte and not grow out of his current clothes as quickly as he used to!)

Fun at the Doctors' office (aka pre-MMR)

Ben in his playdate best - Darcy Brown sweater, Gap jeans, TOMS

Ben and his gold lamé purse


Ben is already looking forward to his next playdate with Mia this summer in LBI! After that, it won’t be long until their arranged marriage.

We leave for Chicago next Wednesday…Ben’s 2nd plane trip and our first “real” trip as a family! I’m very excited since I have never been to Chi-town and will be updating the blog with Ben’s Windy City wear.

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