It’s the most fashionable time of the year…

2 01 2012

Ben’s Christmas outfit was ridiculous. From his brand-new Tom’s, his checkered button down and his skull/reindeer antler tie, he looked adorable. Such a fancy lil’ man.

TOMS botas $29, Gap button down $24.95, Skull tie $3.50 (sale), Gapskull jeans $11 (sale)

Check out those teeth!

I am pretty convinced that by adding Toms to any outfit, it makes it about 100x more adorable than it was before. Grandma got Ben these Tiny Toms Black Botas and they are amazing. If you have a child, go buy them NOW.

For Christmas Eve, Ben wore an adorable shirt we got off Etsy. Such a great shop, the quality of this shirt is very good (and she charges the same price for short-sleeve or long-sleeve). I will definitely be ordering from her again.

Ben really got into the Christmas spirit and unhappily sported a Santa hat for a few pictures.

Etsy shop The Fresh Stitch Long-sleeved shirt

Happy Holidays!!

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