Real Men Wear Pink

9 04 2012

Yesterday could not have been a more perfect Easter Sunday! Ben was so happy all day, the sun was shining and the weather was gorgeous. The day started with an Easter egg “hunt” with strategically placed eggs all over our apartment (basically, just a bunch of eggs in plain view). We filled them with yogurt melts and he was so excited to open each one with a snack inside! The rest of the day was spent with family and Ben got to run around outside and even tried kielbasa for the first time!

Gimme my Easter basket!

Ben’s Easter outfit: Pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt, Gap jeans, Gap blazer, H&M sneakers, Pottery Barn personalized bib

Find the egg, Ben

Ben & Frisco enjoying the weather

Shirtless Easter dinner

Mini Don Johnson

Dan and I did not realize we were channeling Don Johnson when we put him in this outfit in the morning, but just look at the resemblance. He even has a similar hair-do. I’m so proud.

Ben's Easter fashion idol

Ben actually wore the same blazer last Easter….it’s a size 6-12 months but if you just roll up the sleeves it still fits, just a little differently! I figured why not get some more use out of these things that he only wears once. And he looked so adorable (both years).

Easter 2011 - 8 months old

Hope everyone had as nice an Easter as we all did. And that you are enjoying as many leftovers as we are! Happy Easter!

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Learning is Fun!

7 03 2012

This weekend we went to the Liberty Science Center. What a blast from the past! I have not been there since on a field trip myself many many moons ago. I can thank Bank of America’s Museums on Us program which allowed us to go there for FREE! I love free things. I guess technically we had to pay for parking, but we still saved a whopping $15.75 per person. Learning is expensive these days!

We could not believe how much fun Ben was having. Running from exhibit to exhibit for TWO hours, straight through nap time. We will be attempting to go once a month on these “free” days.

Most importantly, Ben is wearing an adorable H&M hoodie, Gap jeans, and TOMS.

Blocks / Playing Doctor / Resting / Tide Pool fun

Sunday just kept getting better. After getting home from the museum (Ben napped a total of 30 minutes in the car), we walked to the park in Maplewood and met up with Laura & Jeff which was fun. Ben ran around for another hour (you would think this kid would have been tired at night, right? Not even close). We get home, order a pizza and relax. See Ben eat pizza. He’s so smart. Of course you take all the cheese off the top and shove it in your mouth! Duh!

Take a bite / Shove top layer of cheese into mouth

You think our evening ended here? No way! It only got better! Dan gave Ben a bath. Ben’s happy time. He comes running out of the bathroom to greet me (naked) as he does every other night and then takes a squat on the floor. Then makes a HUGE #2. We both didn’t know what to do. So I try to pick him up, which results in him stepping in it! While we are then cleaning him off in the sink, Lucy (our crazy jack russell) goes and EATS the mess. Then she slinks off guiltily (and probably not feeling so good) into her cage for the remainder of the evening. And that, finally, was the end to our Sunday.

Been having a great rest of the week. Got Ben to eat a few more things, I’ll post them separately or maybe on the food blog. Got a few cool thrifted items since the last post, bought Ben a tiny table and chair set, grabbed a deal of a dump truck for Ben on craigslist, read a few awesome books at warp speed, got to see my sister and Mom a few times, starting to plan our family trip to Europe….LOTS going on in the Moser household right now.

Coloring with Aunt Laura (table & chair set from Ikea)

But the most exciting thing…it is going to be 72 degrees tomorrow! I’m heading back to the Turtleback Zoo with a friend and her daughter tomorrow. Very excited! SPRING IS HERE! Or at least, it’s coming.


Zoo Jersey

1 03 2012

Maybe I should create a new brand, Zoo Jersey? How has this not been done before? Genius.

Anyways, Ben and I ventured out to the Turtleback Zoo on Monday thanks to a random 57 degree day in February! Of course, I didn’t really think it through as I left the house at 10am and it was still 45 degrees. But it was still a really nice day. Ben and I were one of about 3 families at the zoo. Ben chased peacocks, played in the sand, and checked out the animals leisurely in his stroller.

Mom & Ben / Just a boy and his sea lion statue / Mesmerized by fish / Chasing tail

I also caught 2 meerkats in a compromising position and wished I had someone there to giggle like schoolchildren with. It reminded me of an old State skit (watch with caution). I follow all those guys on twitter and they are still hilarious. Another show that should not have been cancelled (the first, of course, being Arrested Development!) Ok, that took a random turn.Ben was wearing a new Gap t-shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans and jacket, and Stride Rite shoes.

Rainy day = glittery Ben. Smirky face. Gap T-shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans, Trumpette socks

Yesterday it rained all day but I was lucky enough to have my sister come over for a few hours and hang with me and Ben. Then I actually made a dinner! A healthy one! We had Spicy Kale and Chickpea stew over rice pilaf…using that lovely slow cooker once again! I am trying to incorporate a few more vegan meals into our weekly routine.

AND I also made mashed potatoes in the hopes Ben will actually eat something. This hunger strike of his is getting old. Poor guy’s head is getting bigger and his body is getting smaller (and taller)! He is looking like Angelina Jolie.

Close-up of the cutest head in the world

Who needs toys?

2 02 2012

Yesterday I got such a nice surprise in the mail. As I was walking through the lobby of the building, the front desk guy, James, informed me I have a package. Immediately I am thinking “Crap, what did I buy now? Dan is going to kill me.” He then proceeds to hand me this huge box which was a SLOW COOKER from my Aunt Linda! Since then (ya know, yesterday) I have been googling “slow cooker recipes” and getting very excited about all the new uses for this super appliance. Anyway, I digress. The real idea behind this post is how funny Ben is with things that are NOT toys at all. He goes into the box and grabs the cardboard and styrofoam and finds this more fascinating than any of the hundreds of toys he already has.

Gap jeans, Gap skull shirt, Trumpette Johnny socks

Today Ben wore a simple Gap skull thermal, Gap jeans and his Trumpette Johnny socks. (Love Trumpette socks…an absolute Mommy must-have!!)

Ben's motto - reduce, recycle, reuse / wearing styrofoam as a necklace.

Ben took recycling even one step further, when I look over from my desk and he is using his styrofoam “necklace” as a SEAT! I almost fell over laughing, and was luckily able to grab a camera. It’s that time in Ben’s day when he bans the wearing of pants. Ben’s version of happy hour.

"Mom, what's wrong with this seat?"

Seriously, how funny is this kid?

Being perfect and cute, as usual.

As I type this, he is back in his new seat. I love it. I guess I can’t throw out the styrofoam, can I? And, on another note, how much does Ben look like my sister in this photo? Well, he does. I think so, at least. Next up, scanning the family baby pictures!!

{Flashback} Fall leaves + Race day

27 01 2012

This past October, my very fit and fabulous {disclaimer: Dan does not approve of me calling him fit and fabulous} husband ran an 18 mile race. EIGHTEEN MILES…the entire length of the beautiful Long Beach Island, where my parents have a summer house. By sheer {bad} luck the weekend was gorgeous and in the high 80’s…very rare for October. This was only bad luck for Dan because running 18 miles in 86 degree weather is basically torture. We had a wonderful weekend {especially when Laura and I stayed up late Saturday night chatting and drinking wine after the boyswent to bed at 9pm *note Jeff was not running any race}. My parents and Laura and Jeff were all there to cheer Dan on at various points along the way and of course, at the finish line!

Dan finished with an amazing time of 3:02. While we waited for him at the finish line we saw people crawling to the end and others vomiting when they finally made it. Dan just grabbed a root beer and some snacks and sat in the shade. Impressive, to say the least. I’m pretty sure he only ran the race so we would all take him to Buckalew’s for lunch afterwards. It was totally worth it.

That Saturday Ben wore an adorable Nautica shirt and white Gap jeans with his navy TOMS. On race day he actually wore his Jets jersey in honor of the game later that evening.

It was a very memorable weekend had by all.

Oh, just mowing some bubbles.

Ben absolutely loves the backyard of the shore house. It’s like his own personal playpen.  And, thanks to a plethora of garage sales on LBI, it’s also filled with lots of fun goodies for him to play with/ruin.

Playing in the leaves and being perfect// Nautica shirt, Gap jeans, TOMS

Grandma taught Ben to throw leaves in the air. Makes for some cute pictures.

Looking forward to next year’s race. GO DAN!

Family photo minutes after the race

The Age of Aquarium

24 01 2012

For some reason I cannot stop singing “The Age of Aquarius” a la 40 Year Old Virgin as I type this. Anyway, we went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on Sunday. What a fun little adventure! Ben wore our favorite outfit…his panda shirt, jeans & TOMS. Typical. I think it’s officially time to go shopping (or else this blog will be pretty pointless soon)…the problem is Ben has a lot of nice clothes…and he hasn’t grown out of them! It seems crazy to go shopping when he’ll probably have a growth spurt in a month. Also, I tried to put him in his adorable Tommy Hilfiger jeans on the trip – he looked ridiculous and they came up to his nipples. They will eventually fit…and he will look amazing.


Belugas + Dolphins, oh my / Row, row, row your boat / Tide pool fun / Camping

Fun day at the Aquarium. Ben’s favorite part was the tide pool where he could splash around and make a huge mess. Of course. The biggest problem with that is it was 20 degrees outside and going out in a soaking wet onesie is not good parenting. I’m pretty sure, at least. He only went outside in a semi-soaking wet onesie, so I think we’re good.


Drop-kick (Crazy Eight shirt, Old Navy onesie, Trumpette Mickey socks)

Ben kicking us out of our bed. What a cheeky little monkey!!

We are finally back to NJ after 12 hours of traveling yesterday. Poor Ben. He was such a good sport. We get on the plane and of course Ben is the ONLY baby…not a good sign. Then we were delayed 1/2 hour. Then another 1/2 hour. Then and hour and a 1/2. Eeek, thanks for nothing, Newark.  Ben luckily slept most of the time, and then watched Dinosaur Train the rest of the time, with intermittent screams and shouts. But we got a ton of compliments on our little angel, so that was nice. The young girl in front of us said we ” held it down”. A compliment, I think.

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