How to be a Hipster…

15 04 2012

…and other fashion advice from Ben.

In case you have been asking yourself the age-old question  “How can I get my baby to look like a hipster?” then this picture was meant for you.

Effortlessly cool

Let’s take a closer look…

Sunglasses at night? Check.

Messy shag haircut? Check. (Although, it’s just the way his hair is naturally. Hipster-ish.)

Jacket that could have been bought at Urban Outfitters and NOT Carter’s? Check.

Rejects mainstream culture? Not sure yet.

{Sidenote: Ben actually does own one V-neck t-shirt that I literally cannot wait to put him in. Maybe that will be Hipster lesson Part 2}

Now while Ben was a hipster by night, he was pretty prepster during the day. Sporting a Janie & Jack crab shirt & khaki shorts, we went to my sister’s house for a fun BBQ. We brought our baby gate to close up the deck and it was the perfect set-up!

Ben is wearing a Janie & Jack t-shirt, H&M khaki shorts, Janie & Jack socks, and H&M sneakers. The sweatshirt above is from Carter’s. Stroller: UppaBaby G-Luxe.

Let's go to Aunt Laura & Uncle Jeff's!

All Ben needs for a perfect afternoon: Sippy cup, snacks, and some dinosaurs.

I can’t take that face. Ben was so good just playing on the deck all day. He is obsessed with his little dinosaurs and makes them go “RAWR” and sometimes even threw them off the deck. I mean, does it get any better than that?

My angel / Uncle Bones / Trying to escape / Sisters

My boys / Laughter / Ben's level / Coolness

So there you have it. How to have the world’s best BBQ and how to be a hipster. Happy Sunday!!

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Happiness is a New Slide

29 03 2012

Laura and I made a Target run today to pick up a few things. Dan and I have wanted to get Ben a slide for awhile now. I didn’t really feel like spending $50 on one, and anytime I email about one on craigslist the person never gets back to me. I guess slides are a hot commodity! Anyway, we saw the one I wanted for $30 at Target today! Wow, so cheap! Laura and I checked the #’s and it was the right item, so I put it in my cart, very excited. When we went to pay, it (of course) rang up at $50. Bummer. The manager said the price was right….boo. After we paid, my super detective sister ran back to the toy aisle and did a double check and took a picture of the price & #…we brought it back to the manager and he gave me the slide for $29.99! SCORE! They totally mis-marked the slide, but that is not my fault!

I put the slide together (Ok, basically just opened the box) and Ben was very excited. He just kept walking up the stairs, standing at the top and yelling, like he was King of the Mountain. No clue how to actually get down the slide (meanwhile, he goes down slides all the time…not sure what was throwing him off). This went on for about a half hour, until I tried to show him how to go down himself. Finally he got the hang of it and has become a sliding maniac. He LOVES it. Let’s hope he doesn’t get bored of the slide in a week.

Ben is wearing a Carter’s zip-up, Children’s Place t-shirt, Gap jeans, and Trumpette socks.

King of the world! / Landing on Lucy / Singing at the top o' the mountain / A little help from my blankie

The funny part was the biggest lure for him to get down the slide on his own, was when I put his blankie at the bottom. He was on a mission to get it! It was cute. Those Aden & Anais blankies are basically crack for Ben.

Making sure I put the slide together correctly (Pretty sure Ben thinks I am out to get him)

The weather has been gorgeous in NJ lately. I am loving it, and so is Ben. Nicer weather means more time outside, which means a more tired child.

Me & Ben at the harbor on a gorgeous Boston evening

Here is a quick peek at Ben from Boston. He is very into “mooing” right now. And it even sounds like a MOO! (Unlike his previous moo, which was more like a “baaaa”) So proud of my little man! He is even starting to say “ba ba” for bottle.

Ben is wearing his Boston “Cheers” shirt (such tourists), Gap jeans, and H&M sneakers.

Mooin' / Shufflin'

While Ben is napping, time for this momma to work out! Not many more sleeps before it’s bathing suit season, and at this rate I will be scaring people off the beach!

Zoo Jersey

1 03 2012

Maybe I should create a new brand, Zoo Jersey? How has this not been done before? Genius.

Anyways, Ben and I ventured out to the Turtleback Zoo on Monday thanks to a random 57 degree day in February! Of course, I didn’t really think it through as I left the house at 10am and it was still 45 degrees. But it was still a really nice day. Ben and I were one of about 3 families at the zoo. Ben chased peacocks, played in the sand, and checked out the animals leisurely in his stroller.

Mom & Ben / Just a boy and his sea lion statue / Mesmerized by fish / Chasing tail

I also caught 2 meerkats in a compromising position and wished I had someone there to giggle like schoolchildren with. It reminded me of an old State skit (watch with caution). I follow all those guys on twitter and they are still hilarious. Another show that should not have been cancelled (the first, of course, being Arrested Development!) Ok, that took a random turn.Ben was wearing a new Gap t-shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans and jacket, and Stride Rite shoes.

Rainy day = glittery Ben. Smirky face. Gap T-shirt, Old Navy onesie, Gap jeans, Trumpette socks

Yesterday it rained all day but I was lucky enough to have my sister come over for a few hours and hang with me and Ben. Then I actually made a dinner! A healthy one! We had Spicy Kale and Chickpea stew over rice pilaf…using that lovely slow cooker once again! I am trying to incorporate a few more vegan meals into our weekly routine.

AND I also made mashed potatoes in the hopes Ben will actually eat something. This hunger strike of his is getting old. Poor guy’s head is getting bigger and his body is getting smaller (and taller)! He is looking like Angelina Jolie.

Close-up of the cutest head in the world

Cool Meter Family Tree

17 02 2012

My cool meter has never been very high. I played with Barbies until an embarrassingly old age, I adopted a whale for fun, collected stamps, played the violin, desperately wanted to go to space camp…the list goes on and on.

My mom’s cool meter has fluctuated throughout the years. My dad, on the other hand, has always been pretty cool, in an oddball sort of way.  I won’t comment on my sister’s coolness but you can see for yourself in a few of the below pictures. Check out how awesome Mom was circa 1972.


Gorgeous Mama. Pre-kids, pre-husband. Sounds about right.

You can see below there was never much of a chance of me being very cool. Here I am stuffing my face with what looks like a dog toy on my plate. Yikes.


Early spaghetti face. Similar to my present spaghetti face.

I am hoping Ben is off to a better start than I was (I mean, was there really any hope for me?) Last night while digging through od baby clothes of mine, my mom and I found this totally awesome vintage E.T. shirt that fits Mr. B perfectly. See? Cool meter is already skyrocketing (note: shirt needs to be ironed…has been in a box for 30 years).


B-Rex rocking his new (old) vintage E.T. t-shirt that neither of my parents remember me or Laura having. Meaning our cool meter was once again very low.

I will leave you with these pictures I dug up today. You decide each one’s cool factor for yourself, although I have given each a preliminary rating.


Happy birthday Mom! Dad's hair is about a 10/11 on the cool scale. Mom's is up there, too.


Cool meter is through the roof in this photo. Probably around an 11 or 12. I am so proud of my parents here. Dan and I need to go rollerskating ASAP.


Easter 1978. The cool meter in this picture is about a 9 for my parents, and an 11 for the pictures on the wall.


Dad, me & Laura. Check out my pose (and hair. and socks). Cool meter = 2


Matching outfits = win (we look cuter when dressed hides our flaws. This is similar to a lesson I learned on HIMYM)

I am pretty sure Ben is going to be off-the-charts awesome, but if he wants to collect stamps, that is ok with me, too.

**Next Cool Meter Family Tree post will be focusing on pictures of Dan as a baby…because I have some pretty sweet ones back at our place. You will be amazed at how many Mickey turtlenecks one person can own!

The Magical Fruit

9 02 2012

I very much enjoy all things mexican, especially beans. Dan, on the flip side, dislikes beans very much. Anyway, I made a huge batch of black beans in my fabulous new slow cooker (great way to avoid cans…aka BPA) and gave a little bowl to Ben. He loves feeding himself now with a fork or spoon, it’s so cute. It’s also a huge mess. See Ben eat.


This morning as I was getting Ben ready for the day (we had library story time at 10am), instead of putting clothes on him, I first decided to dress him in last Easter’s blazer. Just to see if it fit. And just because this is what you do when you are home alone all day with a baby…you slowly go crazy and this is what you find funny.


Gap blazer / cute baby toes / crazed baby

Last night Mom & Laura came over for dinner and Ben ran around like he was high on 300 pixie sticks. He cracks me up. Note cute smudge of pasta sauce on face.


Laura telling Ben what she wants for Christmas

This morning Mom and I took Ben to the library for the Good Thymes String Band (these guys are great) and then went out to lunch. Ben went a little crazy 3/4 of the way through our meal, and had to be dragged kicking and screaming from the restaurant, so Laura & Mom packed up my food and brought it back for me to eat once Ben was napping. Ahhh, the joys of mother hood!


Goodnight, blog world

Family dinner time! Have a great night!

Who needs toys?

2 02 2012

Yesterday I got such a nice surprise in the mail. As I was walking through the lobby of the building, the front desk guy, James, informed me I have a package. Immediately I am thinking “Crap, what did I buy now? Dan is going to kill me.” He then proceeds to hand me this huge box which was a SLOW COOKER from my Aunt Linda! Since then (ya know, yesterday) I have been googling “slow cooker recipes” and getting very excited about all the new uses for this super appliance. Anyway, I digress. The real idea behind this post is how funny Ben is with things that are NOT toys at all. He goes into the box and grabs the cardboard and styrofoam and finds this more fascinating than any of the hundreds of toys he already has.

Gap jeans, Gap skull shirt, Trumpette Johnny socks

Today Ben wore a simple Gap skull thermal, Gap jeans and his Trumpette Johnny socks. (Love Trumpette socks…an absolute Mommy must-have!!)

Ben's motto - reduce, recycle, reuse / wearing styrofoam as a necklace.

Ben took recycling even one step further, when I look over from my desk and he is using his styrofoam “necklace” as a SEAT! I almost fell over laughing, and was luckily able to grab a camera. It’s that time in Ben’s day when he bans the wearing of pants. Ben’s version of happy hour.

"Mom, what's wrong with this seat?"

Seriously, how funny is this kid?

Being perfect and cute, as usual.

As I type this, he is back in his new seat. I love it. I guess I can’t throw out the styrofoam, can I? And, on another note, how much does Ben look like my sister in this photo? Well, he does. I think so, at least. Next up, scanning the family baby pictures!!

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