{Flashback} Aden + Anais

13 01 2012

I had never even heard of Aden + Anais swaddles until I was in the audience of the Mother’s Day Ellen Show in 2010. Just for being in the audience we got 4 Aden + Anais swaddles and 2 burp clothes (along with a plethora of other gifts including a Teutonia stroller, a 6 month supply of diapersĀ and a video monitor!)

We began using these swaddles from day 1 in the hospital. I loved how HUGE they were, especially for beginner swaddlers like Dan and myself, and how soft and breathable they were. I also used them to cover Ben’s carseat when on walks, or on a picnic at the park (it was August and we lived in a small 1-bedroom apartment…I was outside as much as possible!) And now, Ben uses them as his security blankie…he can’t sleep without them. He also loves to wrap them around his neck and walk around the house; he looks like a mini-Hugh Hefner (I mean that in the cutest possible way!!) The burp cloths are also amazing…they are thick and absorbent, and when they get older you can use them as bibs! They snap around their neck, and cover almost their whole body…genius.

To sum up this post, Aden + Anais blankets and burp cloths were the best baby purchase we made (I use that term loosely, since we got them for free) and put this at the top of the Mommy Must-Have list!

Day 2 - Baby Burrito

Ben in Balboa Park

Ben enjoying the NYC skyline

Rough Day

And just for fun, here is a picture of me & Laura right before the Ellen Show…good memories! What an amazing sister I have to fly 3,000 miles for 1 night to come with me to a show full of pregnant woman and hear us scream over baby stuff!

Me (7 months pregnant) and Laura before Ellen

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