High on Thrifting Thursday {HOTT}

23 02 2012

This past weekend I decided to do a little thrifting while at my Mom’s house. Why the sudden urge to start thrifting? Well, I don’t work (Hahahaha, this is actually an inside stay-at-home-mom joke, hahaha), so I need to try to cut corners where I can. And baby toys are EXPENSIVE. We are talking $100+ for crappy pieces of plastic. Plus, I am really into recycling and re-using. Sometimes craiglist is just a little too expensive (greedy people trying to get way more than they should for said crappy pieces of plastic). Plus I just like vintage-y old stuff.

Anyway, our first trip to a few shops was a small success. I got this Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Home for Ben for $20. It may have been missing some or all of the pieces, but it works. And Ben loses all small pieces to his toys anyway, so this is perfect! Once Mom and I disinfected it, it looks brand new. Ben’s buddy Asher has one of these upstairs in our building and Ben LOVES it…I knew it was just a matter of time before I had to break down and get one. Next item he needs that Asher has…a SLIDE! Once we move the twin bed out of Ben’s room we will be getting one (garage sale? craigslist?).


Daddy and Ben enjoying the new Fisher Price Door

I also picked up a few other pieces. A beautiful piece of white and pink Pyrex. A mason jar (now time to look up mason jar craft ideas!) One of my favorite books, Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes. All of this for $26.


$1 sweater and a messy house / Rachel's Holiday / Mason jar / Pretty in Pink Pyrex

Oh, how can I forget the thrift store Dan and I stopped at yesterday? I got a sweet Old Navy sweater for $1. A DOLLAR. I don’t even get it. But I love it!

Downtown Chester, NJ has the cutest stores…I never really get a change to go around there since it’s a bit of a hike, but last weekend we stopped at the Little Monkeys consignment shop and got Ben a sweet pink polo shirt for $6. Easter outfit? Maybe. In general, we honestly get cheaper clothing during a Gap Sale Sale (a sale on top of their sale items), which was kind of disappointing.

I am getting psyched for garage sale season on LBI. (My father is not…he is worried the shore house is going to look like a toy store). And just spring/summer in LBI in general. This week is supposed to be almost 60 degrees, which has me itching for Spring!

Happy Thrifting!!

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