Wintry Mix

25 01 2012

I absolutely love Ben’s winter jacket. We got it for him in October the week of Dan’s 18 mile race in LBI at the cutest shop, Petite Etoile. The brand is Appaman, and features the cutest boy and girl’s clothes. His winter jacket fits perfectly and is just an overall quality jacket. He gets compliments on this jacket all the time, we will definitely be buying him another Appaman jacket next winter. Some things are just worth it!

The size of his jacket was 12 months, and I was a little worried about him growing out of it by the end of winter (he is now 17 months) but it still fits great! Ben is also on the thin side.

Appaman Puffy Coat in Cobalt (Retail - $104)

I know Ben already has an awesome winter coat, but I had been eyeing up this really cute skull jacket Ben’s buddy Asher has from the Gap. I didn’t want to spend another $50 on a coat when Ben already had one…unnecessary. BUT, last week Gap had a 40% off Sale SALE, and this skull jacket was now $6. Yes…SIX DOLLARS. For a winter jacket in January. Um, what? So yeah, of course I got it. And now Ben has two winter jackets…b/c he is that cool.


Gap Skull Jacket $6 on sale

Ben this morning hiding in his tent while I was rounding him up for a thrift store/ Target/ Whole Foods run. He is hilarious.


And of course, Gap jeans and TOMS

If you haven’t checked out the winter Gap sales, get there NOW. It’s probably slim pickins, but you never know. Who would have thought a lovely jacket like this would be there for $6? I also have to add their new spring line is A-DOR-ABLE.

I am also excited about checking out Petite Etoile’s new Spring line…I believe they are also going to carry TOMS this year, b/c I’d love to buy Ben’s next pair there.

Spring is just around the corner!



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26 01 2012

Thrift shops are also a great place for boys coats/jackets

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