The Age of Aquarium

24 01 2012

For some reason I cannot stop singing “The Age of Aquarius” a la 40 Year Old Virgin as I type this. Anyway, we went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on Sunday. What a fun little adventure! Ben wore our favorite outfit…his panda shirt, jeans & TOMS. Typical. I think it’s officially time to go shopping (or else this blog will be pretty pointless soon)…the problem is Ben has a lot of nice clothes…and he hasn’t grown out of them! It seems crazy to go shopping when he’ll probably have a growth spurt in a month. Also, I tried to put him in his adorable Tommy Hilfiger jeans on the trip – he looked ridiculous and they came up to his nipples. They will eventually fit…and he will look amazing.


Belugas + Dolphins, oh my / Row, row, row your boat / Tide pool fun / Camping

Fun day at the Aquarium. Ben’s favorite part was the tide pool where he could splash around and make a huge mess. Of course. The biggest problem with that is it was 20 degrees outside and going out in a soaking wet onesie is not good parenting. I’m pretty sure, at least. He only went outside in a semi-soaking wet onesie, so I think we’re good.


Drop-kick (Crazy Eight shirt, Old Navy onesie, Trumpette Mickey socks)

Ben kicking us out of our bed. What a cheeky little monkey!!

We are finally back to NJ after 12 hours of traveling yesterday. Poor Ben. He was such a good sport. We get on the plane and of course Ben is the ONLY baby…not a good sign. Then we were delayed 1/2 hour. Then another 1/2 hour. Then and hour and a 1/2. Eeek, thanks for nothing, Newark.  Ben luckily slept most of the time, and then watched Dinosaur Train the rest of the time, with intermittent screams and shouts. But we got a ton of compliments on our little angel, so that was nice. The young girl in front of us said we ” held it down”. A compliment, I think.




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24 01 2012

great post!

24 01 2012
Ben's Dad

Seeing Ben in action at the acquarium was a riot! Can’t wait to return in the summer. Can you say Gino’s????

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