19 01 2012

So far this winter season has been extremely mild in NJ (nice for a family who just spent 4.5 years in Southern California). So why not travel someplace where we can really experience winter? Great idea!

There was probably a reason only 30 people were on our plane to Chicago….it’s really, really, REALLY cold here. When we arrived yesterday it was in the mid-20’s (warm) and today is a brisk 14 degrees. I have to say Chicago is a beautiful city. I am really enjoying the trip so far. Dan is at a trade show all day but Ben and I are having fun. We went swimming, shopping, eating, and now we are napping (well, Ben is).

As far as his clothes, Ben chose an effortless and comfortable Puma track suit for the plane ride, and jeans, a Gap onesie and his Appaman puffer for his first Chicago outing. Thank goodness for the Bundle-me and rain cover for the stroller…Ben is so comfy he has fallen asleep twice in the stroller, which is odd for him.

Here are some pictures of the flight and the trip so far…we still have 4 nights to go!


Elite Ben / Big boy, empty plane / Mommy + Ben / Nap time


Chicago Riverwalk / Brusha brusha / Kissy face / Hotel sleepy time

“It’s great to be here in the great state of Chicago.”– Dan Quayle




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19 01 2012

I can’t believe you had your own row!!! That picture of him napping is too cute.

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